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Slideshow presentation

"The Process Of Weeding Out: American Hardcore and the Rise of Stoner Rock"
Steven Blush with Brant Bjork (Kyuss), Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag), Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson), Pete Stahl (Scream, etc.) and Greg Anderson (Southern Lord Records)

"Kids of the Black Hole: How LA Hardcore Changed the World"
Steven Blush with Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Off!), Tony Cadena (Adolescents), Lisa Fancher (Frontier Records) and photographer Edward Colver

  • TBA - Providence, RI
  • TBA - Albany, NY
  • TBA - San Francisco, CA
  • TBA - London, England


“American Hardcore Library Conversations with Steven Blush”

  • October 7 - Portsmouth, NH @ Public Library, 7pm (175 Parrot Ave.)
  • October 8 - Worcester, MA @ Public Library,  3pm (3 Salem Square)
  • October 9 - Portland, ME @ Public Library, 2pm (5 Monument Square)

“The AMERICAN HARDCORE All-Ages Matinee”

Royal Flush Festival presents:
URBAN WASTE plus special NYHC guests. Opening bands Downlow and Yo! Skunt plus guest DJs George Tabb and Marc Rentzer.
Q&A and slide show by American Hardcore author/filmmaker Steven Blush

  • October 19 - CMJ 2010 @ NYU Kimmel Center 4th floor #406 | 2pm 

"American Hardcore and the Rise of Modern Rock"
Overview: A panel discussion on the early-80s American Hardcore scene's impact on modern rock, particularly today’s indie label and touring networks. We look at the challenges and rewards of DIY music, and how long-departed bands like Black Flag and Minor Threat continue to shape our musical landscape.

Moderator: Steven Blush (American Hardcore)
Panelists: Vic Bondi (Articles of Faith), Jack Rabid (The Big Takeover), Matt Sweeney (Chavez/Zwan), Michelle Dakshys (The Syndicate)

  • November 14 – Belmar, NJ @ WRAT 95.9 FM | “Electric Ballroom” - Radio Interview | 10pm
  • December 1 -  Bloomington, IN  @ WFHB 98.1 & 91.3 | Radio Interview | 3pm  

"Living In The 80s: The Rise of DIY Music in the Hoosier State"
A multi-media event on the rise of Indiana indie music and subculture featuring outtakes from the new Zero Boys DVD Live at the Pizza Castle 1991 and the American Hardcore film, a slide show on the rise of American Hardcore scene, and a special panel discussion moderated by Steven Blush (author/filmmaker American Hardcore).with Paul Mahern (Zero Boys), Tufty Clough (Zero Boys/Toxic Reasons), John Barge (The Panics), Dave Schlabach (The Repellents) and Dale Lawrence (The Gizmos).

Slideshow presentation

Slideshow presentation

  • December 14 - Jersey City, NJ @ WFMU “Thunk Tank” - Radio interview | 7pm

PANEL DISCUSSION with Dave Smalley (DYS, Down By Law, Descendents) and author Laura Albert (JT Leroy)

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I'm documenting the American Hardcore Punk music scene because it's being forgotten. It's history is evaporating since as the participants die off or find religion or repress their memories of those dynamics days.

Panel Discussion

American Hardcore and the Rise of Modern Rock' @ CMJ 2010
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